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I’m native German and graduated in Tourism Management. But this seems to be ages ago. In 2013 I settled down in Lisbon after some adventurous, but exhausting years on the road. Since this I spend most of the year in Lisbon. The calm portuguese mentality and the rough and wild nature step by step became home to me. With a bike always on my side. The bike is my daily way of transportation on my ways through Lisbon, is my weekend-action and my way to travel. The last 10 years I cycled more 10.000 miles each year, crossed more then 20 countries by bike and rarely spend a day without cycling.
Since 2017 I dedicated my life to cycling. Together with my long-time friends Adriano and Joana I found a community garage in the heart of Lisbon, which nowadays is an open space for repair and bike-building workshops, second hand sales and also the base for our rides through Lisbon.

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