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A partire da 95.00 €
  • Città: Bahía de Jávea
  • Durata: 1 ora
  • Partecipanti: Da 4 a 20


Bringing you the ultimate summer experience , the most fascinating sightseeing tours available in Javea, book today!

Imagine seeing all the greatest places of Javea in a day. Do you think it can’t be done? Think again. The “Javea See It All” is an utterly comprehensive guided day tour, a wonderful gateway into nature, with a balanced combination of cycling, sightseeing, kayaking, and relaxing in the sun. Our aim is to extract you from the tourist hot spots and give you the opportunity to experience the huge variety of natural and untouched landscapes that lurk around Javea. We will show you everything without leaving you on your own to get lost or miss attractions.

After meeting and greeting you in our store, we will enjoy a relaxed ride along stunning costal paths and visit some geographically elevated look-out points that are bound to amaze you. We will continue our tour by slowly descending into a Natural Wildlife Reserve, and cruise through a valley before arriving at the starting point of our Kayak tour, Playa Granadella. Nationally rated as one of the most beautiful beaches of Spain, this beach is perfect to take a break to re-charge your batteries. After recuperating, we will get into our kayaks and paddle side-by-side a Jurassic coastline, warm beaches, incredible cliff formations and cathedral-like sea caves whilst we prepare ourselves for the finale, our version of the ‘Blue Lagoon’; a completely isolated bay where we can enjoy snorkelling with hundreds of fish all whilst swimming through and underwater sea cave.

Having finished the kayaking tour and created unforgettable memories, we will change back into our dry clothes that we securely stored in the shuttle bus. Then we will get back onto our bikes and make a couple of additional stops to take photos whilst slowly riding back to the city. Upon arrival back at our store, we hope that you will share the same passion as our team does about Javea, and we hope that you will leave with nostalgic smiles on your faces.

Price includes
Top-end cycling and kayaking equipment, coffee, sandwich and drink, watertight bags for personal belongings, masks and snorkels, beach shoes, and free photos at the end of the tour
You must be a competent cyclist and proficient enough to ride on various roads. Kayak experience is not necessary or required as our team begins every tour with a complete health and safety talk, which includes how to paddle. Participants must be able to swim
Meeting point
Jávea, Avenida Augusta, 22, Bahía de Jávea, Spain; departure at: 09:00; arrival at: 17:00; The staff meet and greet you at the shop where after allocating the bikes the tour starts from.
Fitness level: Average or above. Cycling and Kayaking are two physical activities that complement each other perfectly. The bike ride is a mixture of flat surface and occasional climbs, whilst the kayak tour is on calm waters.

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  • Città: Bahía de Jávea
  • Durata: 1 ora
  • Partecipanti: Da 4 a 20

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