Umbria Rafting Italy

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Don’t stop at Umbria, Rafting in Italy is a bliss!

Lush green forests, clean, babbling streams: Umbria. Rafting in Italy is arguably best experienced in the region of Umbria. Outside of the regional capital of Perugia, you’ll find quite green hills and run rivers – perfectly fit to explore Umbria while rafting in Italy.

It’s been said, that Italians are used to admire what others have, and are always ready to criticize the beauties before their eyes. The country is rich in history, culture and traditions, however; the journey such as the freshwater rafting in Italy is just outside of locations associated with those characteristics.

But the history and beauty of Umbria is known by Italians who, not only stay away from criticizing the region, but also praising its rafting locations too. Stay with us as we present the community favourite location in Umbria for rafting in Italy!

umbria rafting italy


It is surprising to discover corners of paradise almost lost a few steps from home.

Our members’ favourite spot for rafting in Umbria is Scheggino. A municipality located about 60 km southeast of Perugia. Scheggino not just offers accessibility but natural beauty and diversity in activities! 

The club offers real Umbria rafting experience in Italy! This excursion is suitable for everyone and lasts about three and a half hours, of which two and a half hours are spent in the water. The route runs for 10 kilometres along the Valnerina, for a pure adrenaline experience. 

For the reservation, they require you to bring a friend along and you two must be over 12 years old.

This rafting experience explores untouched nature, but it’s not the only way to go about it. The water club centre provides alternative experiences and courses as well. Such as:
Excursion in an inflatable canoe – following the same route, but with a completely different approach.

Canyoning – short and long routes. Canyoning is travelling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, and swimming.

Lastly the club also provides a kayaking weekend course for the whole family.

Hope you’ll agree with us, that the diversity of the experience and the beauty of the region is a green light, on Umbria and on rafting in Italy. Yet if you look for something more, Sharewood has it all – take a look!