Tuscany: must see region

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What to do in Tuscany

Italy is a picturesque country and has are many places that are worth being visited. Tuscany is one of the regions that should be seen at least once in a lifetime, especially if you are a wine lover. Tuscany is famous around the world for its vineyards and olive orchards, but also for its rich culture and history. You can see architecture and art from the Renaissance period all around this area in Italy, so you have more than enough reasons to plan a trip to Tuscany. No matter how you put it, you will have no time to get bored in Tuscany. So, if you are wondering what to do in Tuscany, here are a few tips.

  • Enjoy a day trip to the old city of Cortona

Tuscany is the home of numerous old cities, which still have the charm of the old days, with their paved roads and old fortress walls. Cortona is one of these cities, so if you want to enjoy stunning views and a town that seems to be carved from a fairytale, this is the place to be. Located on the top of a hill, like many old Italian cities, Cortona provides gorgeous views over the nearby planes and Lake Trasimeno.

  •  Bike through San Gimignano

San Gimignano is a city you will never forget. It is famous for having no less than 12 different medieval towers, which can be seen as soon as you get close to the city. It will be like walking in a city where kings and queens still rule undisturbed. It will be mesmerizing to cruise around this city on a bicycle. But, where you find a bicycle close to San Gimignano in Tuscany? Our tip is to visit Sharewood.io and get your hands on the best equipment easy and comfortably. Another reason to visit this online marketplace is the chance to get in touch with the locals and find out inside tips of what is worth seeing and experiencing in the area. Thus, you will have more than just one advantage if you choose the online services offered by Sharewood.io and find out what to do in Tuscany from the people that actually know the best activities and areas.

  • Get a sip of Chianti

Chianti is a wine famous around the world, but it is also the name of the region in Tuscany where some of the best Italian vineyards can be found. If you love a good glass of wine, this is the best place for you to visit. Located between Siena and Florence, the region of Chianti is beautiful by nature, offering not just fine wine but also gorgeous views. And considering that wine tasting is involved in the tours around this region, you know that you will have an unforgettable time over here.

  • Experience Giglio

Giglio is a small settlement on Tuscany’s archipelago. Not very many people know about its existence, so if you want to run away from the swarms of tourists and enjoy a pleasant time near the waterfront, Giglio should be on your list of things to do in Tuscany. Here, you can enjoy mountain hikes, admire the old citadel, do a wide range of water sports, or simply lounge on the beach.