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   Tuscany is one of the most prominent regions in Italy for some certain reasons. It is a romantic spot to tour, with its gorgeous countryside which can make even the timid fall in love, fantastic cuisine, breezy sea coast, mountain paths, and the lovely sunny weather. Tuscany is also admired for its rich historical events, which can be traced back to the Roman and Etruscans era. As a result of its strong empathy for arts and beauty, the city has amassed the best and most all-embracing art collections in the world.

From grand architecture, exquisite sculptures, to painting masterpieces, Tuscany gets it all.
Siena, Pisa, and Florence are some of the important places in Tuscany that are also very appealing and attractive to tourists and visitors based on their impressive history and heritage. Equally beautiful regions in Tuscany are Cortona, Lucca, San Gimignano, and Arezzo; they are spots worth checking out.

There are many places in Tuscany worth exploring If you are looking to experience great fun, something of a great challenge and at the same time environmentally friendly, you can try out Tuscany Bike Tours. A biking tour around this marvelous Italian region will get you going with a beautiful feeling.

tuscany bike tours

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   A cycling tour is a guaranteed and an enriching and unforgettable experience. Usually, some travelers encounter hitches with self-guided bike trips, especially in some significant areas. However, one needs to carry out a tremendous amount of planning before going on Tuscany Bike Tour. If you a tourist with limited time to plan for this, the alternative is to sign up with a reputable biking tour company like to show you around, you will forget about your worry and hassle! Sharewood is just one of the many bike rental companies that offer whole bike, sporting gears time-tested experience in the bicycle rental industry, Sharewood has recorded a big success in setting up exciting itineraries that accommodate all forms of tourists’ needs. The benefit of this is that:

- You meet up with many other tourists, meet up with locals and know new people.

- It is effortless and fast to make your booking as it is done just with a click of your mouse.

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Tourists on Tuscany bike tours can cover an average 20miles daily. Apart from having some fitness benefits, tourists who are on vacation with be able to explore the charming medieval towns like Petronio, Montalcino, Pienza, and Montepulciano, at a very relaxed pace. Biking in Tuscany is not always smooth as you will meet some steep and short hills during your cycling tour. This isn't any problem with this as Tuscany has been a training ground for many cyclists.

The Tuscany biking tour is all about putting your taste buds as you are biking.