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Come with us on this unique adventure!

Are you a dynamic person? Are you always looking for new adventures and do you like to test yourself? Do you love outdoor experiences and the heat? So we at Sharewood have exactly what's right for you! We will take you to discover one of the most popular exotic destinations of the moment in Southeast Asia. Our trekking tour in Vietnam will be a unique travel experience!

Discovering a country like Vietnam on foot means having the opportunity to explore the beauties of wild nature and at the same time know the riches of a thousand-year-old culture. Vietnam is, in fact, full of lakes, jungles, temples, imperial palaces and much more. Walking and cycling among them will be a unique experience. If you add to all this that the Vietnamese climate is tropical, pleasantly warm during all the months of the year, it becomes easy to understand the appeal.

Our trekking tour in Vietnam is 10 days long and the itinerary that we will take visits to the two main cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. During the journey as well as moving slowly overland, we thought to intersperse the journey through various means of transport. For example, we will travel by train, cruise and bicycle.

trekking tour in vietnam


The plan is laid out

During the course of the holiday, you will not have to worry about anything at all. Through our partners and our guides, we offer you a complete schedule of the trekking tour in Vietnam. The first 4 days, for example, we will use the city of Hanoi as a base; here we will stay in a hotel where you can rest every night with all the comforts. We will explore areas like Lao Cai, Ta Van, Sa Pa and much more. Starting from the 5th day we will start moving towards Ho Chi Minh City. Obviously moving is just a pretext to visit and explore fantastic corners of the country. We will discover the corners of the ancient city of Hoi An, around which we will travel by bike and boat. If you are a lover of the sea and navigation, you will be looking forward to jumping on the cruise we have organized in Halong Bay, near Hanoi.

All travel and accommodation which you just read about, are obviously included in the package of our trekking trip to Vietnam. The only thing you'll have to worry about is getting to Hanoi. It will not be problematic at all, it is one of the most important cities in Vietnam with a busy. In case you need it we will be happy to help you with reservations. Join us on our adventure!