Trekking Tenerife

Lose yourself in the most populated Canary Island

Explore Tenerife

Where the Volcano and the ocean meet

Do you like to explore raw nature on foot? If yes, you must have heard about trekking on Tenerife because of its outclass hiking tracks. It is clear that a trekking in Tenerife is a unique and refreshing experience. There are several reasons behind this statement. Both professionals and amateurs love to backpacking on the island, especially for due to the two completely different treks it provides, i.e.: hiking along the shore or trekking on Mount Teide.

The volcano –called Mount Teide - rises 3718m above the sea level and dominates the landscape of Tenerife. This peak is one of the main contributors when it comes to the love of trekking on Tenerife. However, it must be stated that backpacking up on the ramp is not an easy task – but all the more rewarding. Those who plan and succeed in testing the integrity of their willpower will be rewarded with the panorama of the Canary archipelago.

tekking tenerife


Trekking doesn’t have to be challenging

If you don’t want to march upward on Teide, then you can choose the option of trekking around Tenerife Island following the ever-changing coastline. Beaches, towns, and cliffs change each other from kilometre to kilometre, each refreshing the traveller’s soul. Yet on this trek view is not the only refreshment as there are plenty of bars and restaurants to be found in the coastal cities.

The island of Tenerife has the best-suited climate for the backpacking enthusiasts. The excellent weather and the landscape will make the experience unforgettable. The island of Tenerife is known as the island of eternal spring, and there is a reason behind the name! The weather in both winter and summer are mild, never too chilling or blazing.

Trekking on Tenerife might be the best place to unwind on the Canary Archipelago but if you look for even more diversity the other all the other islands are reachable by ferry. Gran Canaria, Lanzarote to mention two, are also superb for outdoor activities and more. Diving, kitesurfing and all kind of water sports flourish in these Spanish islands.

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