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Historical trekking and via ferrata adventure in the Dolomites

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Beautiful but silent mountainside to make you think

The Dolomites are part of the Italian Alps, consisting of limestone hills. Due to the peculiarities of the limestone, millennial erosion formed enormous steep towers of rocks. Under the cliffs, enchanting debris domes came to be. The mountain offers unparalleled panorama.

The Dolomites area became a battlefield in the First World War, which radically transformed the fragile image of this wonderful countryside. Today the mountains keep the memories yet serve only as superb trekking in Italy.

With historical guides, exciting tours and excursions you’ll find a credible insight into our ancestors' struggle. Many tours for trekking in Italy and the Dolomites offer a historical overview of the First World War.

trekking italy dolomites


History craved into stone

The Strada delle 52 Gallerie ("Road of 52 tunnels"), also known as Strada della Prima Armata ("Road of the First Army") is a military mule road built during World War I on in the Dolomites. Key aspects of the road included year-round access, located outside of foreign artillery range and accessible by mule. 

The road winds between Bocchetta Campiglia (1,216 metres and the Porte del Pasubio (1,934 metres) crossing the southern slope of the mountain with its spires, deep canyons and sheer rock faces, outside of the range of Austro-Hungarian artillery.

While mountain biking is strictly forbidden, this road is one of the most enchanting ones for trekking in the Italian Dolomites!

Close to the Dolomites, but outside of its shadow, you’ll find Doberdò del Lago (Doberdob, or Doberdó) a lake of heavy memories. The immerse sacrifices made by all fighting sides in the First World War are forever immortalized in folksongs such as the Slovenian: "Doberdob, the grave of Slovene lads", the Hungarian: “I’m going to the battlefield of Doberdó”, or the Italian “Black Mountain”. Statues and monuments keep the silent presence of the songs of soldiers around the lake and now green and lush valley. 

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