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Trekking, hiking, canyoning, backpacking all in a beautiful paradise-like, Mediterranean setting! Join us as we explore Lake Garda and Sicily on our trekking holidays in Italy. Sharewood lists the community favourite outdoor locations worldwide, including these too:

Canyoning at Lago di Garda - A real refreshing adventure in Italy!

Garda Lake is the most popular destination in northern Italy, visited by thousands of tourists for trekking holidays in Italy every year. It’s not an everyday experience, to see the magnificent Mediterranean setting with palm trees and snowy peaks. Due to its unique climate and its diverse landscape, this holiday location is a true Mecca of the adventure sports! Everyone can find joy here, whether you like water sports or the thrill of height and climbing, or just hiking and relaxing on the beach. But above all, some of the most breathtaking canyoning routes of Europe are located here – perfect for trekking holidays in Italy!

Rock climbing, windsurfing, kite, via ferrata, biking, hiking, canyoning, there is almost no sport that could not host the home of the extremities. The lemon and palm trees lurking in the shadows of snowy peaks create an incredible contrast, and the feeling of the lake is more similar to a seaside, than the simple mood of common standing water.

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There are 15 routes of varying difficulty covering 100 km. You may choose from a wide variety of mountain paths with different altitudes, with an extraordinary panorama of the lake and the surrounding countryside. On the way, there are many natural attractions as well as numerous ancient villages and communities.

Sicilian adventure in the realm of the Godfather – canyoning and night volcano trekking holidays in Italy!

Come with us this time in the realm of the Godfather! We will visit the largest island in the Mediterranean, which promises not only a perfect weather but also its most beautiful beaches. And what can you expect? Endless days are a great adventure, the most active volcano in Europe, trekking through fire and water, and the exploration of the surrounding islands! We will cool down in exciting canyons, discovering the wonders of Southern Italy’s gastronomy and - not by accident - we do it all in the milieu of thousands of years of cultural heritage! Do you need more for an unforgettable trekking holiday in Italy?