Trekking Gran Canaria

An island that resembles three continents

Explore Gran Canaria

In diversity we are united!

Gran Canaria, originally meaning the great island of the dogs, is the most diverse and second most populous of all the Canary Islands. Trekking on Gran Canaria is synonymous with a monumental level variety in form of sundry canyons, cool pines, blazing beaches and desert-like wilderness. Many talks about the island as a miniature continent for its drastically changing landscape and climate - as we travel around the island, and when we let our fantasy go, it feels like visiting three continents at once.

Gran Canaria (or Grand Canary) is a one-of-a-kind hiking spot, home to the UNESCO’s World Biosphere Reserve, and a unique in both geography and culture.

trekking gran canaria


The best season for trekking on Gran Canaria is: anytime!

This level of diversity provides endless opportunities on land, and in water. Trekking in Gran Canaria is one of the most recommended by our community, beside scuba diving. There are many trails around the island, some very long, some not so much. The longer ones are especially rewarding as these will lead you from palm trees, and sandstones to pines and snow. So don’t forget to dress in layers!

Gran Canaria is an all year round tourist attraction as the average temperature in the summertime is 26 – 28 and in winter time 22 -24°C. 160 beaches wait for the tired trekkers of Gran Canaria such as Maspalomas and laya del Inlés or San Agustín with its deep yellow sand. 
Trekking on Gran Canaria, in general, is of the finest leisure time activity you can choose. Hiking routes of Gran Canaria are very easy to come by but much harder to forget. 

Palmas, the capital city of the marvellous Gran Canaria at the well-known Canary archipelago, is not only a water sports paradise but home to a booming backpacking culture. Join the explorers; start your journey from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!

Las Palmas, home of 380 thousand people, is said to have “the best climate in the World” by Thomas Whitmore, director of research on climatology at Syracuse University - and the numerous wanderers arriving here each year won’t disagree either. There’s so much pace to put on your “Checklist: Trekking on Gran Canaria”, from mountains to the Atlantic oceanfront, or from teeming bars to silent museums, all located on one island. Many to go!

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