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Three locations, one drunken man

The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain range that lies entirely in Europe, stretching across eight Alpine countries: France, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia. 

There are trekking possibilities from west to east all throughout the mountain providing tours for any level of hikers. For this introductory article let Sharewood present you with three Italian towns for trekking in the Alps – connected by the proximity to the odyssey of Pavel, the drunk Estonian tourist.

Courmayeur, Valsavarenche and Aosta

All three located at the French-Swiss-Italian border, close to the highest peak. First Courmayeur where the marvellous landscape is waiting for you on the top of Mont Blanc.Let's go discover it! This trekking in the alps will lead to one of the more ancient glaciers of the Alps, making for a truly magical experience.

The journey begins in Courmayeur, where we'll get onto the cableway and head to Punta Helbronner (3400mt). Here we'll wear our crampons and begin to hike, walking slowly between clefts, rocky spires and all sorts of natural formations. At the end of the adventure, a lunch awaits you Torino Shelter.

The overall length of the experience will be appropriate to the physical conditions of the participants, no previous experience is required.

Then Valsavarenche: the Gran Paradiso is a 4000mt mountain located in the Italian Alps and its natural park is one of the most renowned in the country. This trekking excursion will let us dive deeply into its beautiful landscape while walking toward the top on an easily accessible path. The experience is two days long and it doesn't require previous experiences, although it's better to be used to walking a lot.

trekking alps


Followed by Aosta: A whole day is designed for those, who want to venture into ice climbing. Throughout this day part-takers will approach the discipline of the low-difficulty climbing and learn the rudimentary techniques with a certified teacher.


Where ‘s the connection? Well…

Close to the locations above, there’s Cervinia, a resort in Italy’s Valle d’Aosta. Here, an Estonian tourist, known only as Pavel,  apparently got a little too drunk and accidentally climbed the mountain while trying to find his hotel!

Pavel reportedly thought he was headed back to his hotel, but he ended up climbing the side of a mountain instead.

Assuming he was on the road to the hotel, Pavel took a snow-covered street that led him to a ski run. He managed to climb his way up the mountainside until he found a local bar called Igloo, located about 1,491 miles above sea level. 

Pavel smartly, and finally took shelter there. A search party had been sent out to find the missing tourist before he was discovered by the bar staff, sleeping on one of the bar’s benches the next morning.

Could his route become a new tradition for night-time trekking in alps? Depends on you.