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Discover the beauty of the island and exercise: Surf School in Lanzarote

   Have you ever thought about organizing a beautiful trip, maybe on the Canary Islands, and to return home with a new passion? Alright, the next trip that you will organize can be the perfect opportunity for you to become more confident with the surf board. There are plenty schools that organize courses for tourists, due to an increasing demand over the past years which brought new enthusiasts to the coasts of the Canary.

One of the main destinations of the sports tourism (and not the only one) is the marvelous Lanzarote. Of course, people are attracted mostly from the sea and the numerous natural attractions that make it an unique island. Obviously, a holiday in Lanzarote must include a visit to the National Park Timanfaya, the main attraction of the island. Nonetheless charming are the caves which can be visited, as famous as our astonishing Cave Azzurra: Jameos del Agua, la Cueva de los Verdes and the Charco de los Clicos. Place that are absolutely magical, that bring thousands of tourist every year.

surf school lanzarote


  The same tourists, now can try many surf school, very well organized, capable of teaching the basic skills of this sport. We mistakenly think those skills as something attainable only by good-looking athletes of the Californian Coast, but that’s not true. A Surf School in Lanzarote will teach you that this is a sport for everybody. It’s dynamic and fun, it can easily transform an ordinary day at the beach in an unforgettable event.

Thanks to a Surf School in Lanzarote, besides relaxing and the natural attractions, you can learn how to dominate the waves. Take advantage of this opportunity! If you are not already set with the necessary sports equipment, you do not have to worry about it! The rental is economic and simple, you do not have to do anything else, but go on Sharewood.