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Surf Camp Tamarindo: Experience Costa Rica

Tamarindo is renowned for its beautiful and alluring beaches with heavy and strong surf like Playa Langosta and Playa Tamarindo. This city is not only famous for surfing but also for sunning, diving and sport fishing. Visitors can also see the turtles on these beaches as well. On beaches you can easily find beach houses to stay, luxury hotels, and surf camp Tamarindo where surfers can come and learn the lessons about surfing. Dining and shopping options are plentiful, which are perfect for selecting the real flavors of "Costa Rica". 

So, surfers are you ready to travel Tamarindo and enjoy surfing along with other outdoor activities. Here is a list of some all-time best beaches of Tamarindo for surfing.

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  1. Playa Avellanas. One of the Tamarindo's gorgeous and romantic beaches along with the waves that are best for learner to advanced or intermediate surfers, depending upon their learning power. Here on this beach, surfers can find many spots for surfing. Even surfers can easily get the sports gears at this beach through as this is known as one of best sporting company.
  2. Playa Granda. Another attractive and big beach that is located at north of this city, which boasts steadily solid waves. Best surfing spot for intermediate to advanced level surfer with windy waves. This beach is also known as visitors' one of the most favorite spot to Surf camp Tamarindo.
  3. Playa Marbella. This beach is famous for its heavy and strong waves, which come from both right and left. Advanced surfers can survive on this beach, but it is dangerous for beginners, so be careful when coming here for surfing. Witch's Rock surf camp Tamarindo is here for all those individuals who want to learn the lessons of surfing.
  4. Playa Langosta. Another beach which is located at south of 'Tamarindo' as their waves ae more than a punch and great fun for surfers at a very high tide. Here visitors not just enjoy surfing, but also do hiking on the rocks as this beach has many rocks to see. Costa Rica Surf Club is here for you to learn lessons about surfing.

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