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Surf Camp South Africa: enjoy the best spots

When it comes to surfing, there is no place as good as the temperate climatic surf camp South Africa. This beautiful country is surrounded by Indian and Atlantic Oceans on three sides and has many different landscapes.  This country is known for its wines all over the world. It is also considered as one of the largest producers of gold. The wind blows on the sandy beaches of South Africa, the warm waters, a long coastline of perfect waves and plenty of surf spots makes it a perfect spot for surf camp South Africa. Eastern Cape is a South African region where people from all around the world come to do surfing. It is also a popular spot for locals and tourists to attend surf camp South Africa.  There, you will need your surfing gear with you, but if you don't have it, you can order online for your surfing equipment on  This country is considered as the largest country in southern Africa and has a lot of places to visit. Let's have a look at some popular spots. 

  1. Cape Town: Cape Town is one of the major cities in South Africa. It is full of great sun-soaked beaches, wine lands, and Table Mountain which is named as the Cape of Good Hope. You will find here other people doing surfing but these beaches are not crowded most of the time. Enjoy summer here. 
  2. Durban: It is a third largest city in South Africa. It is also a good spot set up your surf camp South Africa as it has a long coastline. You can go hiking and see the second highest Tugela waterfall here.
  3. Kimberly: Especially known for its diamonds and Big hole, this city is located in Northern Cape.
  4. Polokwane: It is the capital of Limpopo province and has a lot of points of interests for tourists including northern parts of the Kruger National Parkland Zimbabwe.
  5. Upington: This city is situated in the arid Northern base and a perfect place to roam in the Kalahari Desert and have a great time at the National Parks here. 

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