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Welcome to Portugal, home of the best European waves!

Not just a city: Porto also means surfing! Ride the best Atlantic waves just a stone's throw from one of the most beautiful Portuguese cities. Surf camp Porto is something to remember. Thanks to a large number of spots that the city offers, you won’t have any trouble finding the side activity even with surfing!

In the northernmost part of Portugal, we find a long and wide, sandy beach with a familiar name to it. Surf Camp Porto, it states - a guarantee of quality. The Atlantic here is sweet for both swimmers and surfers alike. With the very consistent ocean tides, both advanced surfers and beginner can find pleasure here. Paddling out is just medium to low.

Best time to arrive is anything but the summer season – you don’t have to worry about cold water, but about overcrowded beaches. 

surf camp porto


Sharewood has already organized your trip

Your place of residence for the week will be the well known Surf House. A few kilometres from the city of Porto, 30 km from the characteristic city of Aveiro, the Surf House is a place where surfers from all over the world can meet, relax and get to know each other. A perfect base for surf camping in Porto.

Intimacy, passion and sociability, these are the keywords that distinguish this accommodation!

You may come for 3 days, or even for a week, but what is sure, that you will have plenty to learn with the daily 2 lessons on the beach. ISA certified instructors await you to teach you the art of wave riding in Portugal. 

You don’t have to worry about tiring yourself down with walking more than you want before reaching the beach either, as we have already organized transfer to and back to the oceanfront. And to be sure, a good insurance as well.

If you fall on your while taking your baby steps in the water, our crew is more than happy to make some photo and video for your personal usage. But the same goes for the awesome moment’s as well!

Take a look at Sharewood’s offer and don’t let the good times go by!