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Budget Friendly Surf Camps In Philippines

Life is full of adventures; you just need to explore it. One of the best ways to explore and enjoy the nature is to go on a surf camp. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, surf camp in Philippines is the right decision for you. Philippines the best surfing destination and provides various sites for surf camping. The surf camp in Philippines is budget friendly and will not cost you much or empty your pockets as other surf camps do. It is great place for learning or upgrading your surf skills. Here are some of the best surf camp areas in Philippines;

San Juan La Union

This is the site established itself and here you can surf the fascinating waves of the Philippines. You have an instructor with you to guide you and help you with your skills. The best part is that this surf camp is quite reasonable for all the people. It cost you about ₱350 per person/hour or ₱800/whole day, along with an instructor and a surf board. 


Siargao is a tear-shaped island located in Philippines. You can enjoy the white sandy beach along with the perfect surfing on the waves. This is best for both local and foreigners surfers and is famous for its turtle surf camp. It is cheap and not only you enjoy the ride on the waves, here you can do yoga, play board games or learn local cuisine. The surf camp at this site cost you about ₱200/hour, ₱400/half day, ₱500/whole day along with surf boards.

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Crystal Beach Resort

Zambales in Philippines is the top suiting place for surfing. Here the crystal beach resort is renowned for their outstanding trainers and a friendly environment. You can relish the surfing on these waves with travelers and get trained by the instructors, regardless of the age or skill level. It costs you about ₱400 per person/hour, along with the rash guard, instructor and a surf board. 

Puraran Surf Beach Resort

Puraran Beach is a confined and deserted area located in Baras.  It is famous for the mighty waves produced by the Pacific Ocean at this spot. This site is best for professional and pro-surfers as here you can surf the waves greater than 6 feet. . For the beginners the best time to visit this place is form March to August. It cost you ₱200/hour, ₱400/half day or ₱600/whole day. 

Philippines have a variety of surfing spots, with the Pacific Ocean on the east and the South China Sea on the west. Book your lesson with Sharewood and begin your adventure!