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The Ultimate Guide to Surf Camp Peniche

When it comes to surfing in Portugal, there are number of surf camps that are known for their peaceful environment with staff who knows how to treat the visitors in a friendly and polite way. Peniche is a cozy place with sizzling hot variety of foods that can be enjoyed regularly on your stay there. The most amazing part of surf camp Peniche is that they are surrounded by many exciting spots like beaches, food points and bars. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner to surfing or an expert, the friendly nature of the instructors will make you feel motivated and lean on that surf board and work your way through those cutting edges of waves. To make it all possible you need some guidelines, so you can get yourself together accordingly.


Peniche is not only known best for its beautiful places and spots but the weather should also be taken into account as it is the most attractive thing about surfing. You will feel the freshness of pure air, no matter you are taking a sun bath or enjoying the moments on those tides, the cold and refreshing weather will take you to another level of satisfaction and comfort. A fascinating touch of weather and the environment is more than just enough to make your days count.

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Places to visit

There are number of spots on a walking distance for Surf Camp Peniche including beaches, food points and hotels to make your visit delightful. Plus you should not forget to sign up for BBQ parties, because they are simply the best there. Make sure to arrange all the sports gear that are necessary for surf camping. Give a try to if you want to rent sports equipment.

  • Natureexperience Surf Camp offers a couple of choices when it comes to stay. They provide you villas that are turned into hostels to provide a luxurious stay to the visitors. One is Tribo Da Praia Almagreira Surf Hostel and another one is Almagreira Surf Hostel.
  • Balili Surf House located on Balael Island makes it interesting when surfing is combined with relaxing yoga and Atlantic facing Jacuzzi after tiring activities. 
  • Soul Surf Camp is famous for its beauty plus their accommodation is just few meters away from the beach. Nearby are the Cantinho Da Baia and Lagide beaches where you can find number of bars, bistros and restaurants to make your mind switch for time from water. 

It doesn't matter you are single or a family person, if you are looking for a holiday that will be remarkable in every way, then Surf Camp Peniche is your go.