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The Hidden Mystery Behind surf camp Pecatu

Pumping waves, cool breeze, good vibes and calm atmosphere, what else a person needs when he is out on holidays. The surf camp is one of the best choices that take your enjoyment to next level and make your holidays memorable. Therefore, why not plan a visit to Surf Camp Pecatu. One of the most amazing places for surf camping. After visiting it, you may call it Paradise on earth due to the lush tropical belts, beautiful culture and delicious meals. It is worth visiting place in Indonesia. The guides there are extremely patient and helpful.

Comfortable and Pleasurable

One of the major concern of individuals is a comfort that is a significant feature of surf camp Pecatu. Therefore, everything is designed in such a manner in order to give a home-like feel to the visitors. The lush green grounds are all over the area so that people can relax after their surfing sessions. The small beaches are covered with cliffs all around them that allow only limited access. Visitors love this area due to its amazing location and privacy. 
Recently an inauguration of a waterpark in Pecatu is done for increasing fun of the people visiting the area. The price of the tickets is kept same for every tourist no matter local, national or international.

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Beaches in Pecatu

One of the reasons that make Pecatu famous is its small beaches. There are various beaches that are located in the area at a distance of few miles. Almost all of the beaches are covered with cliffs. 

  • Pandawa Beach: It is one of the newest beaches in the area of Pecatu. It is also known as secret beach as two cliffs are covering it. Pandawa beach is must-visit place due to its calm atmosphere. The beach is perfect for swimming and surfing.
  • Balangan Beach: Balangan Beach is one of the famous beaches for surfing sports. It is easy to access. At one end of the beach, a rocky hill is located. One can have a beautiful view of the hustle and bustle on the beach by sitting on the hill.
  • Bingin Beach: This beach is not ideal for beginners as steep bed. People from all over the world visit it in order to enjoy water sports. While Bingin Beach is also famous for its non-water activities.
  • Impossible Beach: As per the name depicts, it is one such beach where surfing is impossible due to racy waves of the beach.
  • Padang Padang Beach: It is located in the heart of Pecatu. In order to enter the beach, one will have to pass through a limestone cave that increases excitement. 

Allow to provide you the best sports equipment in Pecatu at much reasonable rates. So, why to miss so much of fun. Let's plan a visit to surf camp Pecatu for next holidays and have unforgettable trip of your life!