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Surf Camp Oporto: Endless Fun in Portugal

Oporto is the second largest city in Portugal followed by capital city Lisbon. It is actually named as Porto but somehow referred as O Porto in English which means as The Porto. This city is considered as the major urban and historic city in Portugal. It has the population of 2.4 million and recognized as one of the global city. This city is among the very old cities of Europe dates back to centuries. Oporto is located along the Douro River estuary in Northern Portugal. The Porto has been a producer of Port Wine since many centuries and exports this to the many parts of the world. Oporto's shipbuilding industry has also been into continuous growth. The Western part of this city has a long coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. Oporto has an oceanic climate which is perfect for the surf camp Oporto. The surf camps Oporto are mostly located in the fishing villages of Cortegaça, Furadouro, and Esmoriz. These surf camp Oporto offers great surfing, accommodations, eating spots and much more enjoyment. Make sure to order for surfing equipment as we provide sports gear at various locations in Europe.

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While you are in Oporto city for your surf camp Oporto, take some time to explore this ancient city. Let's check some of the highlights of this place.

  1. Villages of Cortegaça, Furadouro, and Esmoriz:  All of these 3 beaches have beautiful beaches where you can fish and experience surf camp Oporto. These beaches are less crowded than Algarve and offer some privacy too. People with different skill level can do surfing here. These are considered among the best surf destinations in the world.  
  2. Matosinhos Oporto Surf Spot: It is considered as the best and popular surf beach in Oporto. It has many Surf camp Oporto options for beginners.
  3. Palacio da Bosla: This is a Stock Exchange palace, and it has a very amusing Arab room. There is also a long Wine tasting room. It was built on the site of the destroyed French church. 
  4. Se do Porto: This is known as one of the oldest church in Europe. It has gone through many renovations over the time but still has baroque charm. It is located on a hill from where you can have a panoramic view of the whole city. 

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