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Surf Camp NICARAGUA: A Journey to Remember

Nicaragua is considered as the largest country in Central America isthmus. This country is not so famous but due to its beautiful lakes, Smokey volcanoes, mountains, and beautiful landscape, it has become the regular destination for surf camp Nicaragua. Managua is the Capital of this country. This beautiful country in Central America has the second largest rainforests in the whole America. Nicaragua is famous for its warm tropical weather, active volcanoes, and biological diversity. Although surf loves have been going to its neighboring country Costa Rica for surfing for many years now but this surf camp Nicaragua is no less than Costa Rica. The warm tropical climate here makes the perfect notion for surfing. 

The craving for surf camp Nicaragua requires the perfect sporting gears which are easily available through Also, the white beaches here are very private and relaxing. People come to this place from all around the world because of its private islands, best surfing experience, volcanoes, rainforests, and fresh coffee.

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Places to Explore While You Are at Surf Camp Nicaragua

While you are at Nicaragua, it is hard to ignore the beauty of this least visited Central American isthmus country. Although there are few resorts who have now travel packages but roaming on your own is amazing here. 

  • Let's start with its capital Managua, this city is not built on some format but looks like a conglomerate. It has few cultural and historical sites but there are no signboards in any street. It has mostly ruined buildings from different war periods and few were destroyed because of earthquakes.
  • Northwest part of this country includes a lively town, many beautiful beaches, surf camp Nicaragua spots, and dynamic tourist attraction due to its hot and dry climate. Here, we recommend you to bring your Surfing equipment with you or just rent from for your convenience. 
  • The central highlands have mostly mountain hills, bright lush green plants of coffee, tobacco and other grains and vegetables because of productive soil. Temperature is moderate here.
  • The southwest of this country is a bordered with volcanoes, Masaya and Granada are important regions here. 

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