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Surf Camp Morocco: here you can have fun

Morocco is renowned as 'Kingdom of Morroco', which is famous in the whole world for its waves. Visiting to Morocco is once a lifetime experience as its almost every place is beautiful and mesmerizing. For all those surfers who are looking for a new place for surfing, then they should visit this place just once in their whole life. There are a lot of beaches here, which are best for surf camp Morocco and surfers can enjoy the waves of these beaches which comes from both left and right directions.
Hundreds of surf camp beaches are accessible in Morocco, including Imsouane, Safi, Mirleft, SidiKaouki, Essaouria, Dakhla, Taghazout and much more. You will be excited to know that each of these beaches is well-known for surf camp Morocco, so these places are considered ideal for surfers. You must visit these beaches if you are willing to enjoy surf camp Morocco.

surf camp morocco


Famous Spots for Surf Camp Morocco

  1. Anchor Point. This is considered as one of the most famed surf spots of Morocco because all of its tides are consistent and the lines are clean. Each year, surf camps are organized here by different companies that also arrange surf camp morocco.
  2. Desert Point. This beach is famous for its strong and consistent currents. Desert point is also renowned for its off-shore winds and numerous right hander winds that help in generating an ideal wave. This beach is best for all kinds of surfers.
  3. Killer Point. Killer point is situated in Central Morocco. Here you can experience steady waves and well-exposed break point. People usually come here in winter season because it is considered the best time to serve.
  4. SidiKaouki. For mediate to well-experienced surfers, a huge sandy beach offers perfect conditions when the tides are high and the winds are light.
  5. La Source. Another surf  beach that contains funny and accessible waves, which are suitable for all kinds of surfers particularly on falling and rising tides. Here you can easily find 50 - 150 meter clean waves, which are the combination of small reef and sandy sections.

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