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Surf camp Maui: the best hawaian experience

The Maui Island is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands in the United States of America. The Maui Island is also known as The Valley Isle. This Island has the best beaches in Hawaiian Island which are world famous because of extreme water sports including, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, kiteboarding, and snorkeling. The sunset from these beaches is also a favorite thing of many people. The whole Island is a picture of breathtaking beauty because of its diverse landscape. Maui has strong tropical climate around its coastlines than the rest of the Island. Maui Island offers great spots for surf camp Maui. People from all over the world come to do surfing here. The waves are high and in winter, north absorbs more swell in Maui. For surf camp Maui, you can get your surfing equipment from as we extend our services from Europe to the USA including surf camp Maui. While you are planning to go for surf camp Maui, don't forget to visit these epic beaches. 

  1. Hookipa: This beach is located at the North Shore of Maui Island and just along with Hana Highway. It offers great surf camp Maui for pro surfers. This is a renowned site for surfing competitions too. You will experience wide waves and strong wind pressure which makes the game strong. You can get your surfing gear from at this location.    
  2. Mokule'ia Beach: Another popular beach for surf camp Maui is Mokule'ia Beach. The beach has lava rocks and is located in the west and near to Kapalua area. This beach experience above 200 feet waves in winter season which can be dangerous even for expert skilled surfers. There is a sandbar a few feet away and you have got to swim in the water to reach there. Although the water is deep but it is for pros. 
  3. Honolua: The shoreline here is small, sandy, and rocky. It hosts the women surfing competition every year. 
  4. Peahi: Peahi is well-known surfing destination here which host the biggest surfing competitions and offer great surfing experience. 

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