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Surf Camp Lagos: Portugal is the place to be

Lagos, Portugal is a lively, beautiful and historic city that is located on an eye-catching Western Algarve coastline. Does anyone of you desires to go for a holiday, then Lagos offers tourists an attractive history centre, buzzing nightlife and glories beaches that are best for surf camp Lagos. Here in this region, you can view numerous sights that make your tour memorable. This region is also famous for cheap foods, exciting attractions beautiful beaches, global city and so on.
In this article, I am going to share some beaches that are perfect for surf camp Lagos.

surf camp lagos


Famous Beaches for Surf Camp Lagos

  1. Praia da Batata Beach. Praia da Batata Beach is positioned in shadow of Bandeira Fort that is bordering to centre of city Lagos. This beach is small, but on weekends there is a huge crowd available who enjoy surfing here. Also on this beach, surfers can get sporting gear online from as this company is offering all equipments that relate to surfing. Besides surfing, this place is also best for paddle boarding.
  2. Praia do Porto de MoS. Another beach of Lagos that is known as one of the longest beaches on the earth as this place is famous for its crystal blue water, fine sand and sandstone cliffs. Also, this beach is perfect for surfing but surfers can feel little windy at time of surfing. Here two famous restaurants are available, which provide snacks, meals and display a mini beer bar as well.
  3. Praia do Cais da Solaria. Want to visit surf camp Lagos? Then this beach is ideal for you as here all levels of surfers can do surfing without any bustle. Especially on summer months, tourists come to this beach and perform different activities along with their friends and family.
  4. Praia do Pinhao. This is another surf camp Lagos beach that is one of the busiest beaches in the town. During windies days, mostly locals come to this place and spend all the day, as different food and wine stalls are available here.
  5. Praia D. Ana. For surfers, another beach for surf camp Lagos is Praia D. Ana, which is best known as award winning beach. The beach remains crowded with tourists throughout the year, especially during summer months.

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