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An Ultimate Guide for Surf Camp France

France is one of the oldest destinations for surf camp in Europe. Surf lovers all around the globe come here and enjoy their holidays. This country is blessed with the waves, beaches and waterfalls which are good for all levels of surfing whether you are pro or a beginner. France is also well-known for its sophisticated cuisine and wines. There are so many places for tourists and locals to visit surf camp France. Also if you want to need the surfing gear, then nothing to worry about it as our company is offering all kind of surfing equipment and you can place your order online easily.

Surf camp France is perfect for students, tourists, large and small groups of surfers, so if anyone of you is looking for excitement, then must visit France for surf camping. Here is a list of some top and best sites for surf camp France which are listed below.

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  1. Le Pin Sec Surf Camp. Le Pin Sec (France) is best place for surf camping along with tents, which are of Tipi-style in the mid of pine tree forests which is 50 meter away from the surfing beach. Ideal spot for the camping lovers so don't miss the opportunity as this is the best time for going there.
  2. Bretagne Surf Camp. Another cool place for surf lovers is Bretagne beach, which is beautifully covered with mountains. People come and enjoy surfing alone and also in groups. This place is surrounded by the nature and is closer to 15 uncrowded surf places. So if you visit to France, then must visit this place for surfing and camping.
  3. Seignosse Surf Lodge & Camp. Another eco-friendly surf spot situated in Seignosse, France, which is best for camping. This place is totally fenced by the pine trees along with all surfing gear facilities. If you are new there and you have no surfing gear, then visit our website and get any kind of gear from here.
  4. Moliets Surf Camp. A surf camp in France is all about party and surfing so this place is ideal for you. Its atmosphere remains the same all day and night. This is the perfect place for 19 to 32-years-old surf lovers who are looking for sleepless nights and countless waves. Moliets is amazing and best for camping as here all gear equipment are available for rent.
  5. Planet Surf Camp Vieux Boucau. This place is located at Atlantic Coast in southwest of France and is 1.5 hours away from Spain. This beautiful and long sandy beach is great for surf lovers.

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