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Surf camp Ericeira: Enjoy the Best Waves of Portugal

Ericeira is a small civil resort community in the municipality of Mafra of Portugal. It is located on the western coast of Portugal near its capital city Lisbon. This place is considered as the Mecca of surfing because of its great coastline conditions that are just perfect for the surf camp Ericeira. It has the Ericeira's World Surfing Reserve which is considered as the first in whole Europe and second in the World. It is a historic tourist destination in summer for the both local and tourists people. People come to these beaches here to experience the best professional Surf camp Ericeira in Portugal. It is to be noted that this place is not for beginners. Only experts can have this ultimate Surf camp Ericeira opportunity. When you are there for Surf cam Ericeira, don't forget to take the surfing equipment from the very trusted supplier

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There are many other places to see while you are spending vacations at the surf camp Ericeira. 

Let's have a look at some popular places where you would want to go:

  1. Ribeira d'Ilhas Beach: This is a very well-known beach for surfing. It hosts an annual event of ASP World Tour Surf championship. This beach has developed a community with many other surf camps around the world to promote the surfing by making many schools and training centers for surfing. It is also a very romantic beach for couples and families to hang out. Much of country's economy also depends upon the surf camp Ericeira. 
  2. Lizandro Beach: This beach is equally famous beach as the above one in Ericeira. This beach is located at the mouth of river Lizandro and known as the largest sandy beach in the whole Ericeira. 
  3. Praia de Sul Beach: This beach is especially famous for its golden sand. It has the clean water for baths for the public. This is just a few steps away from the town's center.  
  4. Mafra Palace and Convent: Apart from the pristine beaches in Ericeira, there is a historic Palace and convent which exhibit the history of this place. There are options for great seafood restaurants and local towns are very interesting to roam around. 

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