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Surf Camp Costa Rica: An Ideal Place for Surfing

Costa Rica is one of the well-known Central American Country in the Caribbean Sea. It is located along with many notable neighboring countries like Panama and Nicaragua. This country has stable democracy position and educated people unlike the other countries in the region. It's largest and the capital city is San Jose. The weather here is tropical and kind of warm that is why this place is perfect for surf camp Costa Rica. People from all around the world come here to experience the best surf camp Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica is one of the prime destinations for Surfing. Its waves are different and suitable for beginners, intermediate and experts level. You can rent the sporting gear from our website and enjoy here without any hustle. Let's have a look at some of best surf camp places in Costa Rica. 

surf camp costa rica


  • Green Iguana Surf Camp: This one has got the best review so far and a very good place to learn surfing. It has a beautiful beach where you can relax and enjoy vacations in Tamarindo. 
  • Del Mar Surf Camp: This one was used to be exclusive for ladies but now it is for both men and women near Nosara. You will have a yoga club along with surf camp. Order your surf gear from to be delivered here and complete your adrenaline rush of surfing here. 
  • La Point Surf Camp: This wonderful surf camp is situated in Santa Taresa which itself is a great vacation spot for surf camp Costa Rica. There are beautiful scenes and eating spots to explore and keep you busy along with surfing. 
  • Witch's Rock Surf Camp: This one has a status of being pro in the whole surf camp Costa Rica because of its highly qualified teachers and accommodation. This is located in Tamarindo. 
  • Anamaya Soul Surfer Retreat: This one is located in the beautiful town of Montezuma. This beach town is a treat for tourists with many great places to go and eat.  

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