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Jump on the board and ride the Atlantic swell in France

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France is home to the hottest surf camps

Even though France may not be considered a surfing hotspot by less experienced riders, the southern Bay of Biscay shores proves them all wrong.

The landscape that consists of over hundred kilometres of long dune-backed beaches separating the oceanic blue waters from the endless pine greens of Southwestern France, is the backbone of French surfing. Just south from Bordeaux, surf camps in the seaside city of Capbreton are facing the Atlantic and hosting the hottest water sports enthusiasts of Europe.

Five minutes away from the edge of the city, Hossegor, the Atlantic pumping makes surfing a wild ride, and a great pay off for the most experienced. Yet the beaches closer to the surf camps of Capbreton have more gentle waves and white-water rollers making this sheltered spot particularly popular with families.


surf camp capbreton


The experience takes place in a beautiful setting

Graffiti-decorated WWII bunkers and the foresty mountains of the Pyrenees, create a backdrop of a surfers paradise with surf camps in Capbreton, an additional delight. Waves never rest here, yet when surfers do, they can choose to hike in the amazing nature of Franch and enjoy the world-famous cuisine and wine.

The “pièce de résistance” of Capbreton is its accessibility. There are 4 airports within a hundred kilometres and an extensive regional railway system reaching the smallest of the seaside views. The high season in Biscay Bay lasts from July to September. During those months, water temperature doesn’t dip below 20°C. This time around visitor have to expect the typical summer rush, and many surfers, but its nothing to be afraid for, this summer do worth it.

The mixture of world-class waves, warm summer evenings and buzzing bars traps surfers from all corner of the continent and now Sharewood invites you too! Find gear, find wave! Surf camps in Capbreton and gear to rent are at your disposal.