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Surf Camp Bali: Starter's guide for easy and safe ride

Finding the max fun surfing spot at a distant Indonesian island can be tricky and time-consuming. Even more so, if that island is the heavenly Bali, the Asian capital of surfing. It's like trying to find one very specific snowball in Russia! But Sharewood gathered the best surf camps in Bali for you.

So, we piled up the best of the best possible beaches for your enjoyment! Let's see…

Bali itself is a gem of South-East Asia and a tourist paradise for many years now. There are obvious reasons for it like the beautiful rainforests, the endless beaches, and more practical things also! It's safe, it's easy to reach, and money just goes further, may it be surf camping in Bali or any other aspect of life. As a matter of fact, to keep the min price of travel low, we recommend to plan your and your friends travel ahead, and book tickets, sports gear, and accommodation online. 

What are the best surf camps in Bali and the Sharewood's favorite?

Tickets bought, bags packed, cats fed, doors locked and you are off to camp on the incredible Indonesian island of Bali. You most likely will arrive at the capital of Bali, Denpasar - and in that the only airport on the island, Ngurah Rai, also known as Bali airport, or Denpasar airport. 

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Let's see the closest destination for surfers:

Airport Lefts and Rights
Right at the Airport, it's just too easy! Yes, the coolest airport's landing pad starts above the azure water, acting as a barrier between Kuta and Tuban beach. Kuta to the North of the landing strip is max 3 km away and Tuban to the South is somewhat closer but harder to reach.

Lucky for Us, we don't even have to leave the site of Ngurah Rai airport to find a surf camp in Bali and start surfing with our friends! To the North we have the "Lefts" and to the South "Rights" of the airport. Both are equal in wave quality and level of swell but the "Rights" are less populated due to it's harder access.

If you are to find the best waves to ride to test your surfboard here, you are up to some serious paddling as those are one, one and a half kilometer out in the sea. Cool thing, you can rent a boat for the friction of the price here, unlike anywhere else in the Western paradises.

Kuta Beach
North from our first surfing stop lies the oldest surfing beach on Bali: Kuta Beach. The first riders arrived here at the golden age of surfing in the 1940s. Today, this is one of the most visited shores on Bali, full of surfing camps and schools to teach you every trick in the book. If you are interested in their services such as renting surfboard and gear, taking tour and lessons, check them all out on Sharewood. If you like the service, don't hesitate to contact them. It's easy, it's safe, it's cool - find the best surf camps in Bali and book online!

Tuban Beach
South from the airport, you find Tuban Beach. Less populated then the Kuta beach, it might be just what you look for, if you enjoy surfing in peace. Although getting to this camping site isn't that easy. The safest bet is to catch a boat to take you from the "Lefts" to the "Rights" of the beach, otherwise, you have to circle the airport on land.

The water down here is incredibly clear & awesome for swimming, there are no juking pontoons anywhere, and the airplane takeoff and landing views are extraordinary sights. Nice sand, pleasantly quiet and extremely fun considering how close it is to Kuta.

To find Sharewood's offer of surf camps in Bali, check out our site here.