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Surf Camp Azores: The Best Of Portugal

The Azores is an autonomous region in Portugal. It is located in the west of continental Portugal. This autonomous region of Azores is basically composed of nine volcanic Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. The entire Island here are volcanic in nature, the Mount Pico is considered the highest peak here. Although the Azores are half sunken in the water, they can be considered among the tallest mountains in the world. The climate is mild here on these Islands, though the subtropical oceanic climate affects the temperatures. Islands are enriched with greenery and natural landscape. Surrounded by water from all sides, the Azores has many spots for surf camp Azores.

When you are so far around the water, you will need the surfing equipment which will be available for service at these Islands too. While you are at the autonomous region of Azores, make sure to do the other activities here. Roam around into the Islands and explore the region on your own. 

  1. Baia das Quatro Ribeiras: This one is considered as the exposed reef break beach in the Azores. This beach has fewer crowds. The south-southeast is considered the best direction of wind here. Beware of rocks while surfing here.  
  2. Areal Santa Barbara: This beach is being rated 4 stars, the highest stars in all of the beaches in the Azores. It is located on Sao Miguel Island. It has the right and left wave direction and wave can break fast, tubular and hollow into the reefs. This beach is very famous for its surf camp Azores. The surrounding area also has many options for a picnic. 
  3. Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo: Located in San Jorge, this is a specific ecological location in the Azores. It is a natural reserve where you can experience the best surf camp Azores in Portugal. You will find many professional surf camps in this area.   
  4. Sailing: Another great thing you can do at surf camp Azores is sailing. There are many marinas which offer a great sailing from one island to the other. would be happy to provide the sailing equipment for you.  

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