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Surf Adventure in Taghazout – Morocco

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From Camel to Surfboard

Since the first recordings of people surfing between the California beaches and the Hawaiian coasts began, the passion is ever-increasing. It is no longer only in Oceania and America, it is now a global phenomenon. And we at Sharewood cannot help you in other ways but make your dreams come true by giving you the chance to cultivate your passions. Precisely for these reasons, we have thought of a package to take surf lessons in Morocco.

If you become a tamer of waves recently or if you're not yet at all, you probably don’t know but the surf is one of the best spots in the world. Whether you are a beginner or an already more experienced surfer, Morocco has the waves for you. Along its kilometres of thin sand beaches, there are breakpoints for all levels. Various other sports can be honoured on these magical beaches.

surf adventure taghazout


From Beginner to Padrone

This surf adventure in Taghazout, Morocco is suitable for anyone. If you are still in the first waves, our instructors will teach you how to stand on the surf and rid. If you already know how to surf, we offer you the perfect opportunity to improve your technique and style. A unique experience for sea and surfing lovers.

The weather is perfect for the surfing adventure in Morocco. In the summer the temperature is warm constantly. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you venture into the desert for excursions, at night the temperature could drop quite a lot. Bring something warm with you. In the autumn and winter months the weather is cooler, but let's not forget that Morocco is in Africa, temperatures are not comparable to those European winters.

Reaching Morocco from home is not a problem at all. Although not a European country, the entry regulations are favourable to us. As citizens of an EU state need not ask for any permission to enter and even can access the country with our identity card. The main airports in Morocco are Casablanca and Marrakech. Once you arrive there it is possible to move easily by land. Bus transport works quite well and renting a car is a good option to travel around Morocco.