Surf Camp Santa Cruz

Gigantic waves for Giants only! – Can the Atlantic tide be conquered?

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North from Lisbon and a notch even norther from Ericeira, we find a long and wide, sandy beach with a familiar name to it. Surf Camp Santa Cruz, it states - a guarantee of quality. Even though the long Atlantic shore doesn’t offer wonders for those who want to swim, surfers have way more to look forward. With the oceanic swell, it is not at all rare to see waves over 2 meters, sometimes up to towering 3,5m! Swells are strong, surfers are keen.

Santa Cruz - meaning “holy crosses” - a name that was abundantly given to towns from Morocco to the Californian, but firstly, in Iberia. Today, it is synonymous with surfing not just here in Almodôvar, but in Madeira and outside of Portugal as well, like in the USA. Therefore we must always state clearly, which awesome surf spot we refer to. The numerous surf camps in this Santa Cruz are arguably the best, but definitely the closest to any capital, only 60km north from Lisbon.

surf camp santa cruz


Can you stay on top? Challenge the weather!

The wind is tricky here. Monthly wind reports clearly state a pattern that is best compared to the Sun’s journey. In Spring wind blows from the West, then in Summer and early fall from the North and finally from the East until Spring again – indicator arrows forming sort of an arch. The Northern wind is overwhelmingly strong, sweeping unsuspecting riders off of their board. 

The water temperature deviates between 18°C offseason to 24 in the summer months. It is no secret that the best months to surf here is in the summer, ergo the every surf camp of Santa Cruz is packed. If you have the flexibility to choose to time you vacation, choose early fall when the water is still warm, but the beaches are less crowded.

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