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Ecuador, right on the equator!

If you are looking for a trip to an exotic destination, far from home to a world completely different from the one you are used to, we suggest you come to Ecuador with us! At Sharewood, as you know, we are specialized in travel all over the world. In particular, we are the best at knowing how to combine exotic trips with unique experiences. Thanks to synergies with our partners we can offer you unique travel programs.

With our trip to Ecuador, we must admit it, we really did it. We have in fact organized for our customers a port adventure suitable for everyone. If you are thinking of travelling with friends, as a couple or even with your family, this adventure is perfect. The tour is open to adventurers of any level from the age of 10.

Ecuador presents scenarios and unique landscapes suitable for all tastes. In the coastal area overlooking the Pacific Ocean, you will find all kinds of beaches. For example, the area of Guayaquil or Punta Manta is where tourism is concentrated, especially by surfers from around the world. While if you want to breathe a more tranquil area there’s the Mache Chindui Nature Reserve.

sport adventure ecuador


Almost like Indiana Jones

But if you're more from the mountains, you do not have to worry! On the first day of our trip to Ecuador, for example, we will venture into the Cotopaxi National Park. Here we will take a trek to reach the spectacular Limpiopungo lagoon. Here in addition to being able to admire the spectacular views of the lagoon, you will have the opportunity to spend the evening hours at the gateway of the Amazon. The perfect place to discover the local culture in a unique setting in the world.

Other places you'll have the chance to visit are the Llanganates National Park, where you'll be amazed after seeing the Tungurahua Volcano. And for example, we will take a trek to discover the Cuicocha Lake until it reaches a height above sea level of over 3,000 meters. All these trips will be done on foot, by bike or by rafting.

When you prepare for this great adventure, keep in mind that you will spend time in a variety of environments. The advice we give you from Sharewood is to prepare you for very different temperatures. For example, when we arrive at a certain altitude it will be convenient to have some warmer clothing available. Finally, do not forget that Ecuador is a rather humid country, bringing impermeable clothes with you is a good idea. Sharewood awaits you!