Sorrento to Capri

You may arrive from Napoli or Sorrento, but no cars allowed!

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Sorrento to Capri a day with the stars

The island of Capri is 33 kms from Napoli, at the end of the Sorrento Peninsula. It broke down from the landmass in the last ice age. The island is 6 km long and 2 km wide, with about 4.5 km of coastline. There are 2 small cities: Capri and Anacapri.

Its name is a mystery but most commonly accepted that it comes from the Latin “capreae”, meaning mountain goat.

Its flora and fauna are rich: more than 890 species live here, the blue lizard, for example, is only found here in the whole World. There is a pervasive floral scent on the island, myrtles, orchids, oleander, Acanthus, just a few of flowers charming the tourists.

Tourist season: May-October

Arriving in Capri

There are two harbours in Naples. The main marina is Molo Beverello. This is at Piazza Municipio, not too far from Piazza Garibaldi, where the bus arrives. From there, there are plenty of boats going to Ischia, Capri, Procida.

Most of the visitors come from Naples by ferry or winged boat to Capri however from the Sorrento to Capri cruise ship is faster and the experience is beautifully different.

Capri's Marina: the Marina Grande, where the ships come from the mainland is located on the northern side of the island.

sorrento to capri


Life on Capri

Motorized traffic is forbidden on the island, except for local orange buses, taxis, but basically, it is a pedestrian island. "The whole island is very small. Anacapri can be reached by bus from Capri harbour. From Anacapri, you may go up to Monte Solaro, which is the highest point in Capri, with a beautiful view - but allegedly the trip itself is half of the pleasure.

They say that this is the island where Odysseus tied himself up to the mast to resist the siren song (Scoglio delle Sirene cliff). If so, he didn’t arrive with the “Sorrento to Capri” ferry, that is for sure, and even if it didn’t happen at all, other well-known people do come here all the time.

In truth, there are two Capri. The first one is seen by tourists, the second seen by the "rich and beautiful" like from Tom Cruise to Tommy Hilfiger, countless celebrities, from gurus to politicians. Many of them have their very own real estates here, like the Ferragamo family, or Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft.

"Everyone passes in Capri, from Jennifer Lopez to the Prime Ministers. Everyone“. Says Fiona Swarowski, the queen of crystals, whose home here was previously owned by the English singer Gracie Fields.

Choose Napoli or Sorrento to Capri ship line, at the end of the day the destination is the same. Join the stars with Sharewood!