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  It's interesting when a location can show a significant record for a country . Like Norcia, for example, the city that stretches in Geographic Center of Italy , or just like Sestriere, the district at the highest Italian altitude , 2035 meters above sea level.

Being in this record Sestiere is one of the favorite destinationsone for winter sports tourism and despite being famous and appealing in a lot of images of snow, skiing, fun, Sestriere has a recent history.

Sestiere is a new born district, in 1930 during the reorganization of some small villages with few dozen inhabitants. The first investor in the area was the well known entrepreneur Giovanni Agnelli who made two impressive hotels and the first structures that made Sestriere an important skiing holiday center.


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  Despite of the fame, the municipality has never grown in terms of territorial size or number of inhabitants, although it is true that even today there are fewer than 900 people who lives in Sestiere. Probably there are more skiing structures that inhabitants! But this is of interest to the coming tourists and skiers, after all they also can take advantage of the ski rental option!

Adding to this, there is also the convenience of being close to the city of Turin, in which province Sestriere is part of. And if you are really a "track hunter" looking for a white adventure here you will have great satisfaction. We recommend you a descent on the Olympic Track Kandahar Banchetta Nasi, but also there are a lot of various ski areas on the map of the ski, there is only the embarrassment of choice.