Ski the Day Away in Madonna di Campiglio

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Rent Your Ski in Madonna di Campiglio

    The village and ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio is in northeast Italy, and it is a popular ski destination during the winter months.  If you are planning a holiday in this region, you will be thrilled to know that you can travel from one side of the village to the other and back again without ever removing your skis.  That is a fantastic way to travel, especially if you love to ski!

There are fifty-seven lifts and ninety-three miles of ski trails, so there is plenty of room for the thousands of people that arrive there to ski on a daily basis.  In addition to all that, Madonna di Campiglio offers twelve acres of snow park, twenty-five miles of Nordic skiing, and the capability to link to the pistes in Marilleva, Folgarida, and Pinzolo.  

All those people are going to cause long lines in the queues though, as people are waiting to rent their ski equipment.  Thankfully, you will have planned ahead before your arrival in Madonna di Campiglio, and you will be able to avoid these lines altogether.  

Imagine doing some research as you were planning your ski trip to Madonna di Campiglio for this upcoming year and stumbling upon Sharewood’s website as you were booking your flight and hotel.  Sharewood’s website allows you to book your ski rental Madonna de Campiglio equipment before you even leave for your trip.  The prices are reasonable, and they are fully insured, so you don’t have to worry about something going wrong at the last minute.

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    As soon as you arrive, you will be able to meet up with a local or two and pick up your ski rental Madonna di Campiglio gear that you reserved and get right out on the slopes.  As soon as you hit the slopes, you will find yourself overcome by the natural beauty of the lakes, streams, valleys, and numerous shepherd’s huts that are scattered all over.  

At the end of the day, there is no need to remove your skis as you zip across town to eat a delicious dinner or join some friends for drinks.  Every minute of your day will seem intense, and that feeling will continue long into the evening as you experience the nightlife in this village.  The parties never seem to end, and the drinks don’t stop flowing so you will find yourself up late even though you are tired of being on the slopes all day.  

That’s okay because you will find yourself rejuvenated every morning when you hit the slopes once again.  And since you have your ski rental Madonna de Campiglio equipment from Sharewood, you still won’t be waiting in any long lines!