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Rent Your Ski in Folgaria

Ski Rental Folgaria, Italy: White Adventure on an Old National Border

   Folgaria is a little town in Trentino with 3000 inhabitants, it’s one of the most important ski resorts of our country, divided into a considerable number of fractions and small houses lying between valleys and slopes. It’s really quite a view for your eyes!

However, few people know that once upon a time, this location was at the border between the Italian State and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so during the First World War and Folgaria was in an uncomfortable position. Those of you that are interested in this kind of subjects have the chance to admire the fortifications were erected at that the time.

Today the war is a distant memory and Folgaria can offer other suggestions. Folgaria in fact, is the most famous municipality among the three that include Forti ski tour. The other two municipalities are Lavarore and Fiorentini.

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   Nowadays, every year a lot of tourists and many winter sports fans come here not to attack the old empire, but to have fun and skiing over this slopes. In Folgaria also are held very important national ski races, as an evidence of the structures and the quality of the runs, they are really incredible. In Folgaria you can find various ski areas for professionals and a lot of opportunities for beginners who will be able to learn to ski step by step, thanks to many professional schools in the area. Folgaria is the ideal destination for the whole family!

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