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Rent Your Ski in Courmayeur

       The town of Courmayeur is within the Aosta Valley in northern Italy.  It is on the southern side of Mont Blanc at an elevation of 4, 016 feet above sea level.  Mont Blanc is the highest point in all the Alps with a height of 15,781 feet, which makes it a fabulous skiing destination.  In fact, the picturesque mountains of Courmayeur have been considered Italy’s best ski resort for decades.  

Any skiing vacation is spectacular, but there is something about skiing the slopes in Courmayeur all day long and then appreciating the intense après-ski scene.  Of course, all that magnificent skiing, the spectacular views, and the nighttime entertainment can mean long lines when it comes to picking up skiing equipment.  

No one wants to stand in line for hours as they wait for their gear and waking up before dawn to be the first in line is not very appealing either.  You may want to choose another option for your ski trip to Courmayeur to save yourself a lot of time as well as money.

ski rental Courmayeur

  Sharewood rents out equipment all throughout Europe and you can reserve your ski rental Courmayeur gear via their website.  That means that you can rent your ski rental Courmayeur gear right after you book your plane and hotel reservations.  That will ensure that your equipment will be ready and waiting for you as soon as you step off the plane.  

Imagine packing for your upcoming trip and not having to worry about placing your skis, poles, and any other gear into bags and checking them onto the plane.  Instead, you can pack your suitcase with some clothes and wheel just that one bag into the airport.  

Once you arrive in Courmayeur, you can pick up your gear without waiting in a long line, and hit the slopes when you are ready.  There are too many intermediate slopes to count and experts will want to try all the off-piste terrain as well as the heli-skiing opportunities.  

A break from skiing is always just a few minutes away with the numerous restaurants that are on the sides of the mountain.  At the end of the day, you will want to hang up your skis and walk through the large number of shops that line the cobbled streets of Courmayeur.  The nightlife in this charming town is bigger than the skiing, so you should expect to be out late until you find that you simply must tear yourself away from it all for a little sleep before you do it all again the next day.  

A skiing vacation can be the highlight of your year, especially if you take advantage of Sharewood’s ski rental Courmayeur opportunities.  That little option can turn your amazing ski holiday into one that everyone dreams about.