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Rent Your Ski in Campitello di Fassa

Ski rental in Campitello di Fassa, Italy: be part of Ladina culture!

   Ladinia is a historic region famous for the presence of its language and culture that characterizes the area!  Ladinia is formed by eighteen municipalities, and one of them very notable for the tourism importance is Campitello di Fassa! Campitello di Fassa is a wonderful place where only around seven hundred people live, nestled between the valleys of Col Rodella (connected by a beautiful cableway) and the beautiful view above the course of the Avisio. 

The name is derived from the latin language “campus” and evokes a small place, but it certainly does not pay tribute to the grandeur of beauty that can be admired from these peaks. Once a place for farmers and breeders, Campitello di Fassa today is one of the most important winter destinations in Italy, thanks to cableway , which has made it a very attractive ski station. The population in the municipal Campitello di Fassa has almost doubled in the last thirty years. We talk about small numbers of inhabitants, but the increase is still remarkable, an indicator of the tourism importance in the area.

An other place nearby that takes away a lot of attention for a well-established tourist fame is also Canazei, but most professional skiers suggest that in Campitello you can arrange also an unforgettable holiday, without a doubt! Not organized yet!!! There is not such a big deal! For ski rental Campitello di Fassa, Italy cheap and simple with one click, go to Sharewood!

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For those who are fascinated also by historical facts between doing various snow activities, a must go place that worth visiting is the old church dedicated to saints Giacomo and Filippo, mentioned in historical documents in the thirteenth century. Perhaps Giacomo and Philip are not experienced skiers, but surely you will have a lot of fun running through Col Rodella slopes!

What about you?! Are you ready to immerse yourself in a wonderful skiing experience?! Search now for a ski rental in Campitello di Fassa and book a trip to Italy: it'll be worth it, we promise!


Campitello di Fassa is the ideal village for relaxing skiing ventures

A gorgeous Italian village located in the heart of the Dolomites, Campitello di Fassa is capable of charming you from day one. If you just started out the skiing and looking for the best skiing resort for beginners or you know how to ski but would appreciate slopes that are intermediate the most when it comes to difficulty, then Campitello di Fassa is the resort you’ve been looking for. With 7 km of blue pistes for beginners and 10 km of red pistes, it is the ideal location for these kind of snow lovers. Of course, experienced skiers can also come to Campitello di Fassa and enjoy the 1-km long black piste. And, the best part is that you don’t have to drag your equipment along because the ski rental Campitello di Fassa will have this part covered.


Enjoy a peaceful mountain village surrounded by gorgeous scenery

If you’re not looking to spend your winter vacation in a busy resort, then perhaps you should try Campitello di Fassa out. Away from the main road and surrounded by breathtaking scenery, this village is part of the Sella Ronda circuit, which means that, even if it looks peaceful, it provides countless kilometers of great ski slopes to enjoy. To be more precise, you will have no less than 250 km of lift-linked trails, so that your adventures in the Dolomiti Mountains to be unforgettable. If you want to recharge your batteries and enjoy your favorite winter sport, Campitello di Fassa should definitely be on the list of your favorite winter destinations.


ski rental campitello di fassa


The best ski rental in Campitello di Fassa is just one click away

We mentioned earlier that ski rental Campitello di Fassa has the matter of ski gear covered. By this, we don’t mean poor quality skiing equipment that was been awfully worn, but only great quality equipment pieces you can check yourself by simply using the power of the Internet. Go to Sharewood and comfortably rent any kind of ski and sports equipment you desire, so once you reach Campitello di Fassa, you’ll be ready to explore the area and not search for rental services. This online platform is extremely safe, secure, and credible, providing the best available equipment throughout the entire Europe. So don’t worry about renting outdated equipment because that will not happen with Sharewood.

Families will have an unforgettable time here

This particular village did its best to provide outstanding conditions for families with children, providing services like playing facilities, childcare, and even more accessible prices for families with children. It is also worth mentioning that each skiing area has a special area where children can ski in safety and even a nursery in some cases. You may also want to ask about the Ski Special for Children program, which provides special discounts and even free services for a week-long vacation in the case of children. So, having all these advantages in mind, together with those offered by the previously mentioned ski rental Campitello di Fassa, your winter vacation here will definitely be a success.