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Rent Your Ski in Breuil Cervinia

Breuil Cervinia is the Italian ski resort with the longest period with snow

   If you plan to have a late winter vacation, then it is worth knowing that Breuil Cervinia is one of the resorts you will find in Italy that is more than capable of providing snow for months in a row. Because it is located at a rather high altitude, having 2,050mt in the actual village and reaching the altitude of 3,480 m at the highest point of the ski lift, snow here is present starting with November and lasting until May. So, don’t fret if you can’t enjoy your winter vacation between December and February or you would like to have a holiday in low season because you’ll still be able to ski in Breuil Cervinia. And don’t bring along your ski gear this time: choose to travel light and relaxed, search for a ski rental in Breuil Cervinia.


Italy or Switzerland? In Breuil Cervinia the choice is yours

Since this particular ski resort is at the mountainous border with Switzerland, you can easily cross on the other side with your ski pass and enjoy the slopes there as well. On Italy’s side, the slopes are gentler and more exposed to sunlight, being perfectly groomed and prepared for a relaxing way of skiing. In Switzerland, on the other hand, the slopes are more challenging, so, if you want to try something different and test your skills, do pass on the other side. Remember to pay attention to the weather, because if a storm is announced to hit the area, the connecting lifts will be closed and you won’t be able to pass back in Italy, only by making a round trip by car, which will take a few hours.

ski rental breuil cervinia


Sit back, unwind, and enjoy your time

  There’s no need to be stubborn about bringing your own ski equipment in Breuil Cervinia unless you like dragging heavy luggage around. Use this space to pack something else, like items you were never able to bring along because you had no more available space. Concerning the ski equipment, you will use once you reach Breuil Cervinia, you can find everything you need on Sharewood. It’s a famous online marketplace that serves the entire old continent, so you will easily find everything you need here, having the chance to rent your equipment without any effort from your side.


There’s no way you’re going to get bored in this particular ski resort

With so many options available, the chance to ski-in and ski-out, it will be very hard to get bored. And don’t worry if you’re not that experienced when it comes to skiing because the beginners' slopes are wide and gentle, spreading over whole kilometers, so practicing your skills in such a high-mountain area will definitely give you the confidence boost you may be looking for. So, do be prepared to spend most of your day on the slopes, admiring the breathtaking scenery, and exploring the never-ending and perfect slopes.