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Rent Your Ski in Bolzano

Your ideal winter vacation can easily take place in Bolzano

   Your plans concerning your winter vacation are not ready just yet? Then consider the option of traveling to Bolzano, an incredible ski resort in the Italian Dolomites. Surrounded by stunning views and a lot of fun activities, there are high chances that you won’t forget this year’s winter vacation. Take notice that this small location has its own airport, so getting there won’t be an issue. For increased convenience, finding a ski rental in Bolzano will give you the chance to carry just a few bags with you, making your flight more comfortable from all points of view, while knowing for sure that skiing here will definitely be part of your daily activities. 


Countless skiing areas surround Bolzano

The small city of Bolzano is so appreciated because it gives you all the amenities of a city while giving you the chance to enjoy a wide range of opportunities when it comes to winter sports. Just one hour away from Bolzano, you will be able to find no less than 42 different skiing areas. So yes, the city is conveniently located in the Dolomites, making all these be possible. And, with the help of a sky pass, you will be able to choose a different area every day, without a problem. If you are an enthusiastic skier or you would like to add winter sports to your to-do list, Bolzano is certainly the place you need to visit. Out of so many possibilities, it is impossible not to find out suitable for your needs and requirements.


ski rental bolzano


Vacationing means comfort and convenience

  Most of us have to let go a lot of things when going on a vacation, just to keep the luggage as small and light as possible. So, a winter vacation in Bolzano may sound extremely tempting, but what about skiing gear? Well, if you do choose to live the amazing Bolzano experience, then know that ski rental Bolzano will allow you to get all the equipment you need without even leaving your hotel room. The secret solution is called Sharewood, the biggest European marketplace when it comes to sports gear rental. So, while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate or enjoying a glass of wine, you can browse through the available ski gear catalog and rent exactly what you need and when you need it.

Besides winter sports, there are other great things to do in Bolzano

Once you’re done skiing, you can easily grab a bite at one of the city’s restaurants, go shopping, visit the exhibitions of local museums, and taste the beautifully flavored wine made in the region. Also, you can take day trips to Verona, where you can see Juliet’s balcony, to Trento, where you can see the frescoes and local museum, and to Innsbruck, to see the gorgeous old town. You just need to talk to a local guide and all of these tours will become available. So, as you can see, Bolzano can, after all, provide the ideal vacation, with countless skiing opportunities and the chance to enjoy a wide array of fun activities.