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Ski Rental Abetone: Skiing Adventure Through the Apennines

   Nowadays, and also in the past, the Alps and the Apennines, were not just a beautiful landscape to admire: overall they were fun places for winter sports.

There were big natural barriers that separated peoples and different cultures. Nowadays crossing through great highways seems very easy, whereas in the past it was a real business to cross the Apennines. Even Annibale had to sweat a little for his passage when he came down to Italy.

One of these passages, made accessible to all in the nineteenth century, is the passage of Abetone. Luckily now we have more modern and efficient ways to reach this location, so Abetone isn’t a small town out of the civilized world, but one of the most visited tourist destinations for mountain, snow and ski lovers.

Although it is a well-known tourist destination even in the summer, there are plenty of winter sports fans at Abetone thanks to many ski resorts and cableways, almost completely renovated at the beginning of the new millennium! There are modern and numerous structures and facilities, for both professionals and those who want to learn how to make the first steps on the ski, perhaps taking advantage of the equipment rental during the first exits.

The area is really well organized and the whole surroundings of Abetone (Selletta, Monte Gomito, Valdiluce, Pulicchio) offer opportunities for a healthy and professional sports fun! Do not forget that you are still in Tuscany, where good food and great wine are never missing: the ideal way to close the circle on a really interesting vacation in Abetone, Italy!

Ski Rental Abetone

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