Ski the Best Kept Secret of Roccaraso

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Rent Your Ski in Roccaraso

   Roccaraso is a small town in the Abruzzo region of Italy and for years it has kept one of the world’s best secrets.  That secret is the amazing ski slopes that are located there and if you love to ski, then you will want to head there for your next skiing holiday. Prior to your arrival in Roccaraso, you will want to do more than book your flight and hotel.  You may be tempted to lug all your ski gear onto the plane with you so that you are all ready to go when you arrive, but there is a better and less inconvenient way.

Sharewood is a wonderful company that rents all types of sports equipment all throughout Europe.  Therefore, you can go to their website and reserve your ski rental Roccaraso equipment right after you book your flight.  The prices are reasonable and you won’t have to worry about standing in long lines to pick anything up. Imagine this…. You can easily roll your one suitcase into the airport and check it in prior to your departure.  Once you arrive, you can pick up your bag and go to your hotel where a local will meet you with your ski rental Roccaraso equipment.  No lines, no additional travel, and no inconveniences for you!

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   As soon as you have your ski gear, you can venture out to the slopes to experience as many of the sixty-five pistes as you can.  The twenty-seven ski lifts will quickly get you to the top of wherever you want to go, and you will be amazed as you are skiing past beech trees instead of the usual pines.  

There is a fabulous mixture of trails, and you will easily be able to find the ones that meet your skiing expertise.  Although, by the end of the day, you may find that you have improved so much that you can easily ski down one of the more advanced slopes.

Roccaraso is a great place to ski, and while it is a shame that the secret of this destination was kept for so long, it is understandable as to why no one wanted to share this fantastic place with anyone else.  You may have your reasons as well when you return home reluctant to tell anyone how great the skiing was because you won’t want a million other people there sharing it with you either.