A Skiers Paradise in Cervinia Italy

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A Skiers Paradise in Cervinia Italy

The Cervinia resort is located in the vast regions of northwest Italy. It is well known for its snow-capped mountains. An extensive network of snowcapped slopes connects The Cervinia resort to some Swiss resorts like Zermatt. The resort is also a home to a museum that displays photos and equipment related to the construction of the cable-car system. The village is currently referred to as Breuil but was branded Cervinia when it was developed. The town was built specifically for skiing. The following are reasons why Cervinia Italy is loved by skiers.

Skiing for all

Skiing in Cervinia Italy is ideal for both beginners and intermediate skiers. The resort offers an open ski area for people to familiarize themselves with skiing. The resort also offers steep sloped for experts to challenge themselves.

It’s high

The village sits at 2050 meters above sea level while the ski area goes up to over 3400 meters above sea level. These two factors make skiing in Cervinia Italy a year-round activity as it is always snowy.

Fair prices

Ski holidays in Cervinia Italy are good value as hotels, and self-catering apartments are inexpensive. Prices in the Cervinia resort are cheap compared to the rest of the Alps. Cervinia’s location allows the guests to cross the Swiss border while skiing. This offers the tourists a blend of Italian and Swiss culture without having to pay the expensive Swiss fees.

Excellent entertainment and dining choices

While the Cervinia Italy resort is well known for skiing, the resort offers a cultured entertainment experience to its guests. The bars are located close to the main street in Cervinia, which is close to the hotels. The village offers a friendly Italian feel due to its friendly locals and buildings. The restaurants and bars are cheap, cheerful and energetic place. Whatever your preference is Cervinia Italy will provide.

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