Scuba Diving in Portugal

Portugal coasts are just as fascinating and diverse as its islands - Join us in the water!

Dive into Portugal!

What awaits you at the end of the Iberian Penisula?

There are some beautiful islands presenting fantastic diving experience inside the country of Portugal, but as they are covered one by one (Madeira, for example), this article focuses on the stunning European mainland scuba diving of Portugal. Arguably the oldest country on the continent, Portugal has just as much to offer inland and in waters as well.

This small country has a very diverse coastline in the Atlantic Ocean and there are many dive sites close to the shoreline, with many stunning wreckages. Visibility can reach 15 meters and the water is 16 to 23 degrees depending on the season and location. The most sites for scuba diving in Portugal can be found in popular locations, such as Algarve and Sesimbra.
Nonetheless, other noteworthy touristic places of Portugal are Lagos, Fátima and of course Lisbon.

scuba diving portugal


The oceanfront of Sesimbra offers various scuba diving places from shallow waters for the inexperienced at Mar da Pedra which has a dive depth of 19m and deep dives of 40m or more off the coast Cabo Espichel.  Scuba divers here will meet countless squids, congers, and large range octopi also.

The southernmost region of Portugal mainland is Algarve, facing toward Africa. Faro is the regional capital which offers the most scuba diving services in this region of Portugal.  Divers will find cleaner, warmer water here, than on the coastline overlooking the Atlantic. Mankind is present here from the Paleolithic era, and since then Celtics, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, and North African conquerors of Umayyad all called this region home. This rich history offers a unique opportunity for the scuba divers of Portugal to discover the wreckage and treasures accumulated under the ages. Beside Faro,  another interesting diving site here is “The end of the World” Sagres, with its elaborated caves and wind-whipped fortresses.

The sea conditions in Portugal enable diving virtually all year round, but the best seasons are Autumn and Spring when the ocean is quiet and the temperatures milder.  The waters, plentiful in maritime life, invite every level of scuba divers here from all over the World. Don’t miss out on Portugal’s fabulous underwater world!

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