Scuba Diving Malta

Explore the Maltese Archipelago on the land, and in the water!

Dive into Malta

Amazing scenery for every level of divers

More than 50,000 people a year choose to scuba dive around Malta. They must have a reason. In fact, they have nearly 100 – and that’s just the dive spots! Moreover, Malta has won the leading destination award of BOOT for scuba diving in early 2018.
The Maltese consist of three inhabited islands: Malta, Gozo and the tiny Comino – surrounded by inviting, translucent waters. Many believe it to be the best in all the Mediterranean. The underwater visibility range can go up to 30m and most of the spots for scuba diving in Malta can be reached by boat. The developed infrastructure of the islands makes scuba diving across Malta a bliss. The transport around and between the islands are great and distances are short. If it’s too windy on one island, it doesn’t take much to go to the other.

Scuba diving in Malta offers a spectacular waterscape. Ancient rock formations range around beautiful caves, holes, chimneys, as well as reefs and boulder fields up to 50m deep full of marine life. Off the ancient salt pans at Xwejni Bay (Gozo), for instance, scuba diving learners can wander in a maze of channels in five to seven meters offshore while experienced scuba divers pass through “the washing machine” to discover an unusual double arch.

scuba diving malta


Malta is just as diverse under the water as on land

The Blue Hole tremendously popular amongst scuba divers in Malta. A 16m deep drop that leads into a cave system and surrounded by rock walls that reach over the water surface at Dwejra (Gozo). Before its tragic collapse, in 2017 the great rock formation of Azure Window was located here, next to the Blue Hole.

Only scuba divers may visit the Cathedral Cave where it is possible to surface in luminous blue waters beneath a dome the size of that of London’s St Paul’s or the Santa Marija Caves (Comino), a set of 10 caverns, many interconnecting where scuba divers of Malta feed the bream, creating hysteria among the fish. Scuba diving in the Maltese offers dives around St Paul’s Island – where it is said the saint was shipwrecked in 60AD - and more to explore! But when you are ready for a break from the sea, Malta has plenty to offer on land too: Sun, beaches, watersports, concerts, fireworks, festivals, and 7,000 years of history from some of the oldest stone buildings in the world to the Knights of St John, their citadels, forts, churches, and delightful baroque capital, Valletta.

Malta has 50 licensed dive centres offering everything from bubble maker introductory sessions for children aged 8-12 to training courses for adults right up to instructor level. Scuba divers in Malta can also rent equipment and take part in experiences. Take a look at these options at Sharewood!