Scuba Diving Mallorca

Explore the stunning water-filled cave system!

Dive into Mallorca

A touristic utopia on the surface, more beneath

It might not be the first thought about the island, but scuba diving on Mallorca is one of a kind experience. Mallorca is the biggest island of Spain located to the East of Iberia and lets us remember clubbing young-adults and sunbathing pensioners. From the 60’s on Mallorca is the symbol of mass tourism in Europe signalling its outstanding touristic infrastructure and beauty. It’s true, the Mallorca - or otherwise, Majorca - and the surrounding islands are outstanding by all touristic gauge. But it’s not all to it, as where the sea is there is diving too! Anywho tries scuba diving around Mallorca’s fizzy water will surely remember fondly!

scuba diving mallorca


The island keeps its true beauty hidden under the surface

There is a handful of amazing spots for scuba diving around Mallorca but the main attraction is hidden underneath the island. The secret inner world, a gem of professional scuba divers of Mallorca is the fantastic Cova de sa Gleda – Camp des Pou the water-filled cave system. Located on the eastern coast of the island the cave stretches 13 km toward the core of the island and gives plenty of opportunities for scuba diving under Mallorca. The grotto formed above the water level from limestone, the stalactites scuba drivers will encounter came to be in this period of the cave system. Scuba divers of Mallorca can explore this marvel in crystal clear water that does not end at the mouth of the cave but invites the explorers out, to the sunshine.

Experiencing this part Mallorca requires practice and superb gear, the latter of which Sharewood can provide. For those who look for a something less adventurous, the sea surrounding Mallorca offers scuba divers with much warmer water, smaller caves and wonderful aquatic life.
Stunning, by all means, the beauty of this terra firma once inspired Chopin and Miró, now Sharewood invites its You too to dive into Mallorca.