Scuba Diving Maldives

Atolls, islands and coves in the beautiful Indian Ocean

Dive into Maldives

A country of more sea than land

The island republic is located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India, just 400 km east of Sri Lanka, and almost directly on the equator. The Maldives is one scuba diving paradise which consists of 26 atolls and 1192 islands, of which approx. 202 inhabited and another 99 are reserved for tourists. Most of the islands are barely 2.5 m altitude, and their extension is mostly pocket-sized, the largest of which, does not reach 13 km². The Republic of Maldives is more water than land, and a must to any diving fan!

Countless isolated and deserted islands merge into an enormous playground for divers to explore.

One of the most beautiful resorts in the world, for many years the islands have been one of the most popular destinations for scuba divers in the Indian Ocean. The generally smooth sea surface, the pleasantly warm water, the constant sunshine, the white sandy, shallow beaches with the image of drifting coconut palms, all contribute to this. But the Maldives scuba diving experience is something more!

scuba diving maldives


The maritime life is a one-of-a-kind wonder!

Lagoons are connected with plankton-filled channels to the Indian Ocean which lures all sort of incredible creatures to the inland seas. The Maldives gives scuba divers the opportunity to spot Napoleon Wrasses and Eagle Rays to name a few but the luckiest divers may meet face to face with a Giant Trevally a Barracuda, or the magnificent Manta Ray and the unique  Hammerhead, and Whale Shark!

But inside the shallow waters of white and emerald lagoons of the Maldives, scuba divers will see myriad of maritime with schools vivid reef fish that is only matched by the colourful coral gardens!

The water is very clear around the Maldives, so scuba divers can expect an exceptional visibility range of 20 to 40 meters.  The water is around a comfortable 27-30 degree in all season inviting young and elderly alike.

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