Scuba Diving Madeira

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Dive into Madeira

Raw Atlantic Ocean dive with the greatest animals

The subtropical Portuguese islands of the North Atlantic have been overlooked by maritime adventurers, yet scuba diving in Madeira is a one-of-a-kind experience! What island offers is not really a vibrant coral reef and the sensation to be in a teeming tropical aquarium, but wild Atlantic scuba diving at its best, with large and diverse sea life, a remarkable underwater panorama of archways, caverns and canyons, with temperate waters of 17 to 24°C.

These mild waters are captivating for snorkelling and scuba diving in Madeira. A lot of the dive sites are positioned around Funchal marina, where an underwater nature reserve offers cleanest waters on the island. Within the watery underworld, you will find wrecks and reefs and scuba divers around Madeira will face stingrays, barracudas, morays and schools of amberjacks.     


scuba diving madeira


Dolphins and whales can be spotted year-round in the waters off Madeira.

Madeira's clean azure waters appeal to scuba divers all year round, but the best time to see them is the Spring and Fall months. Divers are drawn here for the incredible topography and more than 20 types of whale and dolphin. The most common varieties of maritime life scuba divers will see are the sperm whale and the pilot whale and explorers might also see byrde's or sei whales and even the rare beaked whale, which come to feast into Madeira’s waters only a few kilometres away from shore. If perhaps you are lucky enough, you might see dolphins carrying out their dance for you.

The Desertas Islands, an uninhabited archipelago southeast of the eastern tip of Madeira Island, are home to a colony of Mediterranean monk seals, shy in nature but occasionally spotted around the islands. Hikers and scuba divers of Madeira often compare the world under and above the sea level and find stunning similarities in their respective territories. The land of Madeira is famous for its mountains and wildlife, just as its waters.
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