Scuba Diving Lanzarote

Discover the Sunny Canary, and Warm Waters Bustling with Life!

Dive into Lanzarote

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The easternmost and northernmost of the seven great islands of the Canary archipelago, this gem is famous not only for kitesurfing and beach resorts but for its awesome underworld too that awaits scuba divers to Lanzarote! The water temperature is always between 16 and 25 degrees, and the weather is mostly sunny, therefore the island calls on surfers and bubble-makers all year round with the winter season being a bit more popular.

The main diving sites are:

Playa Blanca the scuba diving centre of Lanzarote

Many if most of the schools and guides are located here offering adventures. You may find these, and the following experiences here on Sharewood. Here at the southernmost beach, lucky scuba divers of Lanzarote have the chance to swim with venerable sea turtles and angel sharks.

Scuba diving in Lanzarote near Puerto del Carmen

An ideal destination for those who want to discover caves and enjoy the coral reefs in Puerto del Carmen, southern Lanzarote. Under the water scuba divers of Lanzarote will peak boulders bustling with sea life on the sandy seabed and rock spikes perpendicular to the shoreline. It is in 25 to 35 meters deep, where the cliffs full of caves fall into the endless blue. These cliffs contain a great amount of black coral, marine plants and colourful sponges.

scuba diving lanzarote


Snorkelling and scuba diving for beginners near Playa Grande

Located 6-meter deep under the water surface of Playa Grande, there is a sandy seabed teeming with small maritime life, ideal for beginner snorkelling and scuba diving on Lanzarote. Those with a little more experience wanting to get down to a depth of 35 meters can admire the waterscape with crevices and caves. Dives usually start from excursion vessels and descend along the edge of the cliff. At the easternmost part of the drop, there are caves with huge colonies of brilliant orange groves to be visited by scuba divers only.

If you are not convinced yet, check out the accessible diving and other water sports gears here, complemented with guided experiences on and under Lanzarote!