Scuba Diving in Italy

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Dive into Italy

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The long coastline of the "Italian Boot", and the Italian islands, offer one of the most interesting scuba diving adventures in the Mediterranean. The multi-faceted country, with the urbanized northern part, the peculiar atmosphere of South, the bustling Rome, Sicily, Elba, and Sardinia, offers a variety of trips.

The long history of the country, its role in commerce, also led to numerous wrecks in the depths of the waters. Ancient and modern ships, WWII planes can be found at the depths available to scuba divers in Italy. The southern, warmer waters and the northernmost areas are somewhat different, but both await scuba divers all year around. Summer is the scuba diving high season, yet in the spring and autumn, the water isn’t too cold either.

Ligurian Sea
In this part of Italy, attention is drawn to Portofino. Simply wonderful for scuba diving! Scuba divers coming to Italy will meet with such colourful inhabitants of the waters as the deep-sea eel, lobster, octopus or jellyfish. Another good scuba diving site is the island of Elba. Fetovaia is one of the most popular starting point for scuba diving in Italy, lying on the South of the Island. Here, the seabed is pebbled so there is no sludge that would bother the dive. The viewing distance can go up to 20m.

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Mediterranean Sea
Scuba diving in Italy is as famous as numerous its sites! For example on the Lipari Islands, divers can enjoy the many underwater caves created by eruptions of ancient underwater volcanoes. Some of which now shelters a great variety of fish, inflicting incredibly vivid colours onto the eyes of daring scuba divers of Italy. A similarly beautiful underwater landscape can be seen near the Amalfi Peninsula where the remains of many ships are showcased at the bottom.

Sicily is home to the most excellent spots for scuba diving in Italy. Many sights are to be found, dating back to many different epochs. A great part of them are related to the two World Wars, but scuba divers can still spot the remains of some boats belonging to the Roman times. Particular attention should be paid to the locations found in Syracuse, Lampedusa, Antennas and Taormina.
The Syracuse side should be interesting for beginner and professional scuba divers in Italy alike. Visibility in this water is excellent - 40 meters – and the marine life would be jaw-dropping unless we were underwater.

Italian Lakes
Visibility here, of course, is much lower than at sea, but not less interesting for scuba diving. Especially Lake Garda, that is located in the north of the country. Not just a superb lake for scuba diving in Italy, it’s a real holiday too.
Home to the World deepest pool “Deep Joy”, reaching down 40m Italy is more than prepared for any kind of scuba divers.

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